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Coordination Meeting of OIC Institutions Working in the Economic Domain

The Coordination Meeting of the OIC institutions working in the economic domain will be organized the OIC General Secretariat and held in its Headquarters in Jeddah on 21-22 January 2012. The Meeting will be attended by the representatives of the following OIC institutions: SESRIC, ICDT, IDB Group, ICCI, OISA, SMIIC and COMCEC Coordination Office. The Meeting will seek to review the progress on the implementation of the OIC programmes and activities, particularly on the following issues:

1.Intra-OIC Trade

2.Agriculture, Rural Development and Food Security

3.OIC Regional Development Programmes

4.Cooperation in Transportation Sector

5.Cooperation in Tourism Sector Development

6.Cooperation in Financial Sector

7.Role of Private Sector

8.Cooperation in the area of Statistical Activities

9.Other Cross-cutting Issues

The Meeting is expected to enable coordination of the implementation of Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) resolutions on economic matters with the relevant OIC institutions (subsidiary, specialized and affiliated) in preparation for the 35th Session of the Islamic Commission for Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs (ICECS) and the 39th Session of CFM, respectively. NSite/FullStory/?Id=9

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